Workflow-based navigations

PageMajik has a sophisticated workflow engine and can be configured individually for each phase of the production process. When configured, it serves as a workbench from where every activity can be carried out without needing to go through multi-level clicks from Bookshelf/Journals to the Chapters/Articles screen and then to the Tab View to select the respective file to initiate an action. 

Find below the instructions to access the Workflow Tasks page. 

  1. 1. Login to PageMajik. 

  1. 2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf or the Journals page. 

  1.  3. “Workflow Status” at the bottom of this page displays the tasks needing your attention. Click here to go to the Workflow Tasks page.  

  1. 4. A pop-up with the list of tasks pending for your role as well as those assigned to you is displayed. Pick a chapter/article from the list of files to be processed and click on “Assign to me”. This moves the chapter/article from the common queue to your queue. 

  1. 5. Click on the arrow against the file you wish to work on to view a list of options. Select the appropriate menu action to begin work. 

Note: The workflow might not have been configured for trial versions. 

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