WYCIWYG is available as an online version as well as an app. To work offline, download WYCIWYG app, checkout the PDF and XHTML files, save locally to open it in WYCIWYG. 


Find below the instructions to proofread the typeset document. 

  1. 1. Login to PageMajik. 

  1. 2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf. 

  1. 3. Select the book that you need to work and double click to go to Chapter View. 

  1. 4. Select the chapter and double click to go to tab view. Click the review tab. Select the chapter .PDF file, click on the arrow to view the options. Select the “WYCIWYG” option.  

  1. 5. WYCIWYG open the typeset file in two panels, the PDF on the left side and XHTML on the right side. As you review the PDF, if you want to make corrections, click on the PDF, PageMajik will take you to the corresponding place on the right side where you can carry on the corrections.  

  1. 6. On Completion, save the changes. PageMajik will automatically incorporate all the corrections in the InDesign files. On the process it creates and places new versions of IDML and INDD under InDesign tab and PDF and XHTML under Review tab. 

  1. 7. The typesetter can check out the latest InDesign file and open it in InDesign to view the proof-reader’s changes and comments.  

Note: Steps 5 and 6 can be iterated as many times as needed till the proof is print-ready. 


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