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Upload Artifacts

To upload an artifact or add a URL, enter the name of the Artifact (1).

Note: The title or name you enter will be the name that is displayed to your reviewer.

Next, enter a URL (2) or select a file from your hard drive (3).

The name and file type of all uploaded artifacts appear in a window similar to the one below. As an artifact is uploading you will see a green progress bar. When the artifact has been uploaded you must click on the Confirm Upload button. You can Rename (edit) or Delete artifacts by clicking on the  or  icons.

Your uploaded artifacts are displayed as thumbnails in the window you see below. You can click on an artifact and it will display in the Artifact Window. You can rearrange the order of your artifacts by dragging a thumbnail to a different position in this window.

Note: The order of your artifacts affects the order of your review. Artifacts and their names will appear in the same order you arrange them in from this window.


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