Peer Review

Step 5 - Add Assignments

From this screen, you can assign manuscripts to the reviewer and send an email to initiate the peer review process.

  • On the left is a table listing all the manuscript files and on the right you can see a thumbnail for each reviewer assigned. 
  • If you have assigned reviewers to a particular manuscript (chapter or an article), then the system will auto-assign the manuscript to the appropriate reviewers once (and only after) the reviewer accepts the invitation by clicking on the “Accept” link in the "Invite" mail. 

If you have assigned the reviewer against the project (or article type), you would need to assign the chapter(s) or article(s) to the respective reviewer.

To assign a manuscript to a reviewer, do the following:

  • Click on a Reviewer. Any assignments already made will be displayed on the left. If you wish to unassign any of these, uncheck the checkbox to the left of the filename.
  • Select one or more files (manuscript) from the column on the left by clicking on the checkbox. 
  • Click on “>” to assign.
  • Click on “Save”. 

To assign all manuscripts to a Reviewer, do the following:

  • Select a Reviewer. Any assignments already made will be displayed on the left. 
  • Click on “>>” to assign.
  • Then click on “Save”. 

Once the assignment is complete, click on “Mail” to initiate the peer review process. The status of the review can be tracked using peer review tracker.

To know who is assigned to a manuscript, do the following:

  • Click on a manuscript. Thumbnail of the reviewer assigned to the manuscript is automatically highlighted on the right.
  •  A green tick against the manuscript indicates that a single reviewer is assigned to the manuscript.
  • An orange tick indicates that multiple reviewers are assigned to the manuscript.

Peer Review Page

You can view the peer review page (image below) by clicking on the link on "Manuscript" in the manuscript table.

  • On the left is the manuscript that has to be reviewed and on the right the peer review assessment form.
  • You can amend the assessment form, if required.
  • Once you have made changes, click on "Save".
  • To view what the reviewer will see, click on "Preview".
  • Publish the change through the "Publish" tab.

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