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Step 4 - Invite Authors


This step allows you to add authors to the manuscript. The authors could be already registered or new authors. You can add the authors by entering the details on the left-hand side of the page and clicking on “+” icon. Alternatively, you can import the authors using a .csv file.

CSV file format

<<Screen id>>, <<author first name>>,<<author last name>>,<<author mail id>>

Note that the screen identifier unique screen id for each author.

Sample Data

JohnD, John, Doe,

CathyM, Cathy, Mark,

JohnK, John, Kennedy,


Clicking on “Import users” will bring a file open pop-up. On selecting the .csv file, the details will be imported and shown as in the Import Authors Form.

The grid notifies the status of the import. You may choose to correct or choose to continue to import. The system will only add those authors whose status is “Ok”.

Once you have added all the authors, click on “Continue” to proceed with assigning chapters to each author. At this stage, an email will be sent to all the selected authors to sign the Letter of Agreement (LOA) or Contract.


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