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Step 2 - Create Book Map


This step allows you to create a Book Map, i.e., detail the number of chapters, each chapter with its title, target word count, and schedule based on the workflow and the start date of the project. The schedule template is a predefined configuration that allows a workflow to be selected and the number of days required for each stage in the workflow to be defined. Based on the template chosen and the start date, the system will calculate and automatically bring up a schedule as shown in the Schedule Set-up Form in Step 3.

Chapters can be added by entering the total number of chapters in the Chapter Count field. Details for each chapter can be updated using the table on the right. Alternatively, you can import the chapter details as a .csv file. Filling in word and page counts is optional. Click on “CONTINUE” to proceed after filling in all details.


CSV file format

<<Id>>,<<Title,Target>>, <<Word count>>,<<Page count>>

Sample Data



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