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Step 1 - Create Book Map


Before you begin, ensure that you have the unified CSV file for the project populated.

While filling in the CSV, ensure that:

  1. The column header is not changed, although you can change the order/sequence of the columns if you wish.
  2. A semicolon (;) character is used to separate multiple values within a column (field). e.g., Use a semicolon (;) to separate multiple author names. The first author is always considered the primary author.
  3. Email addresses ("Author Email" column) in the case of multiple contributors should follow the same sequence as the names in the "Author Name" column.
  4. Filling in Word and page count information is optional.

The Book Map form below allows you to detail the number of chapters, each chapter with its title, target word count, and schedule based on the workflow and the start date of the project.

Schedule Template: Choose a predefined configuration that allows a workflow to be selected and the number of days required for each stage in the workflow to be defined. 

Start Date: Enter a start date and the system will calculate automatically bring up a schedule as shown for the selected template.

Chapter Count: Enter total number of chapters in the Chapter Count field. Details for each chapter can be manually updated using the table on the right. Alternatively import the chapter details - as a .csv file (refer the unified .CSV format for filling in the details).

The '+' icon next to each chapter on the chapter table at the right allows you to add files as part of the author packet. These files will be sent to the author when the email invitation requesting their submission goes out. 

 Click on “CONTINUE” to proceed after filling in all details.


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