Use Cases

Publisher-managed permissions

Step 1: Go to file

Follow process steps 1 to 4 described in the Rights and Permissions Process section. Selection of the file displays the details on image information and notes, if any, as in the figure Rights and Permissions – 4. Selection of file results in it being locked for other users and prevents them from updating the file.

Step 2: Fill the details

In the image details pane, fill up the details. Select the permission type as Fair Price, fill in other details such as pickup source, original pickup source, cost if the estimate is available, credit line and placement details, if any.

Rights and Permissions – 5

Step 3: Request Permission

The list on the right -hand side details the permission requirements for the format. The check box has three states:

No fill - permission not required

Maroon fill - permission required

Green fill - permission obtained

The permission tab is elaborate and covers all aspects such as territory, language, number of times it can be reused, period for which permission is valid, model release, and contributor release where one can upload scanned contract agreement files.

Rights and Permissions – 6

The uploaded files can be viewed using the preview.

Rights and Permissions – File Preview

Step 4: Send Mail

After filling all permission needs, an email can be triggered with the pre-defined template. Clicking on “Send Mail” will bring up the email in preview mode and any further changes can be made.

Rights and Permissions – Mail Preview

Step 5: Enter notes (optional)

You may choose to enter notes for your future reference or for the production team / author or other members of the editorial team.

Step 6: Save or Complete

Click on “Save” to save and continue working. Click on “Complete” to save the changes and restore the file to an unlocked state.

Step 7: Permission update

Once the permission is obtained, the details can be updated and saved.


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