Prepping Files

When a project is created, PageMajik automatically creates some default folders. One of these is for the Frontmatter. When you are setting up a book, preliminary file prep steps involve the following:

Manuscript files, Captions, Tables, and Boxes
  1. If you have the entire manuscript as one .DOCX file, break it down into individual chapters.
  2. When the manuscript received is a .DOC, open this file in Microsoft Word and use the "Save As" option to
    convert to .DOCX format.
    Note: Renaming filename.doc to filename.docx files is not recommended.
  3. If textual content such as Figure captions, Tables and Boxes are available as a separate file, it is recommended that these
    are included within the individual chapter files. The advantage of doing so is two-fold:
    • when the AI engine runs on the chapter, the manuscript review report on chapter elements will be more relevant, and
    • for an automated run to layout, it is important to have all the content in one file.
  4. Images need not be included in the manuscript, but if the author's manuscript includes embedded images, they can
    be left as they are.
Frontmatter files
  1. If you have individual Word files for the frontmatter, you no longer need to combine these in the order in which they are to appear
    in the print product and name the file "frontmatter.docx". 
  2. Click on the default folder "Frontmatter" (automatically created by PageMajik) and then on the "Add Files" option to upload the DOCX files. 
  3. If you need to automatically update page numbers in the TOC or plan to generate an EPUB from PageMajik, it is very important that
    the Table of Contents is maintained as a separate file in the "Frontmatter" folder.  
Bibliography files 
  1. Some books have a separate chapter for the bibliography. When this is the case, ensure that the filename includes a prefix "bib_".
    This prefix is case sensitive.
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