Move to Editorial Review

Step 1 - Click on book and choose "SmartSubmit". The system will automatically take you to step 4. If not, click on Step 4 on the navigation bar.

Step 2 - Click on “Edit Editors” (the user with a pencil icon) on the shortcut menu bar. 

This will open a page with the list of chapters on the left and the list of editors on the right or an empty list (when editors have not yet been assigned to the project).

To add editors, click on “Add Editor” icon and enter the details (name, email address, etc.). Click on "Save" when you are ready to submit.

Step 3 - Now assign the chapters to the editors. First click on a chapter and then the “Section Editor” and/or “Supervising Editor” by selecting the checkbox against the editor's name. Repeat until the chapter assignment is complete. Click on “Save” to submit changes.

Step 4 - You now need to assign the appropriate workflow stage (in this case, "SE Review") for the chapters to enable editorial review.

  • Click on “Workflow”, the third box at the bottom of the bookshelf.
  • Workflow Tasks page will display the list of submitted chapters.
  • Select all the chapters and click on “Assign to me”. This will move the chapters to your tasks queue and the chapters will be listed in the section on the top of your Workflow Tasks page.
  • Now select a chapter from the “Assigned to me” section and click on the “Yellow arrow” to the right of the filename. This will list the workflow stages. To send the file to the Section/Supervising Editor for review, select “SE_Review”.
    Note: To send to the authors, select the stage "Update," and to send to the Developmental Editor, select the stage "DE_Review".

Step 5 - Invite mails can be sent through the Submission Tracker Dashboard.

  • Click on “Manuscript” on the  breadcrumb to navigate back to the Bookshelf.
  • Single click on the “Project” and click on “Report.”
  • Select the respective chapter from the table at the bottom of the page. It will open up a small window on the right hand side listing all the team members associated with that chapter.
  • Select the Section/Supervising editor and click on “Invite”. 
  • You can now preview the mail and edit it if necessary. Click on “Send” to send the email.
    Note: You need to just send one email to the Section Editor, even when multiple chapters need to be reviewed by the editor. The system will automatically display all the chapters assigned to that Section Editor.

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