When you sign in to PageMajik Journals, your landing page is a screen displaying all the journals that you are a part of. This page is designed in such a way that you can manage all your work from this screen, i.e., you will see:

  1. all the journals that you are responsible for
  2. your calendar (populated from the schedule for the workflow(s)/project(s) you are assigned to)
  3. your To-Do list (the list of tasks created by you or assigned to you)
  4. pending work with you and for your role
  5. dashboard/reports (for all and specific manuscripts you are working with).

You can perform the following actions from this screen.

  1. Create a Journal in any of the category
  2. Generate link for article submission for the selected journal


Create Journal

  • Click on "+Project" to add a new Journal.

  • Select a Category
  • Fill in the journal name
  • Assign a team
  • Click on “Save” to submit. A new Journal will be created.

Generate link

Single click on the Journal and then on “Article Submission” to go to the Journal Page configured. This link can be copied and shared on the publisher's website.

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