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Journals Collections

Double click on a journal to go to the Collections page. There are three categories of collections:

  1. Article Type, which is a classification of articles within a journal. For example, Original Articles, Review Articles, Research Papers,
    Letters to the Editor, etc.
  2. Issue of the journal
  3. Special Issue of a journal

You can perform the following actions on this screen.

  • Create a collection (a new article type, issue, or a special issue) for a journal
  • Assign a team to the Collection 
  • Assign templates to the Collection

Create Collection

To create a Collection, click on "+Collection". A pop up as shown below will open.

  • Select the category.
  • Enter the name for the collection and click “Save”.
  • If the category is “Article Type”, a new collection will be created and you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  • If the category is “Issue” or “Special Issue”, a new collection will be created and you will be automatically redirected to the Issue Builder. 

Assign Team

Single click on a Collection and click on Project Setup. 

To assign people to the project team,

  • Click on "Team" tab.
  • Select the members and click on the down arrow to move the selection to the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on "Save". The selected members will be assigned to this Collection and the journal it belongs to.

Assign Template

Single click on a collection to bring up the list of actions and then select "Project Template". 

To assign a template,

  • Select the appropriate "Template Type".
  • Click on “Template” option in the "Project Form"
  • Select an appropriate group.
  • Select a template from the group dropdown. A preview will be shown on the right. Verify and click on “Assign”.
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