Select “Insert” menu to perform the following actions: 

Insert Footnote  this will insert a footnote cue at the current location and the footnote text at the bottom of the file.

Insert Picture – Browse and select an image to be inserted at location. You can also key in the caption, if any, alongside.

Tag as Group This menu helps customize tagging when necessary. You can manually tag selected content within a paragraph as well as group multiple paragraphs. The latter is especially useful for differentiating one type of box from another in terms of design. You can also manually link bibliographic citations to their corresponding bib item. 

Tag as Caption select content to be tagged and click on icon. PageMajik’s Editor is intelligent enough to recognize labels in captions to figures, tables and boxes. The start of the selection should necessarily begin with one of the caption labels such as Figure/Table/Box, followed by an identifier (numbering sequence). Recognized identifiers are Figure/Fig/Fig./Figures, Table/Tables/Tab, Box, Photo, and Map.  

Tag as Citation – use to tag selected text as citation to a figure, table, bibliographic reference, box, etc. 

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