Icons and Actions

On the PageMajik Screens, a single click on a Book/Chapter/File brings up a list of actions. A double click on a book/journal/manuscript or chapter/article takes you to the next page. Standard icons and actions are detailed in the table below. 




Key to Book/Journal Type  



The type is a publication category or discipline. The list can be customized for your publications.   


A picture containing game Description automatically generated


Sort books on the dashboard by Book  Category (Type or Discipline) 

My Sites 



This will default to the site you have access to. If you have access to multiple sites, this menu option allows you to switch between sites. 



You can see system alerts here. 



This opens into a form that is used to create chapter/article folders and upload related files. Team setup and workflow mapping also happens through this form. 

Add Files  



This icon is seen on every tab of Chapter Details. It allows you to upload files to a particular tab/folder of the current chapter. 


A picture containing object, mirror, game Description automatically generated        


You can subscribe to a folder (tab) if you want to receive alerts every time a file is added to the respective folder (tab). 

Checkout and Download  


Clicking on this action will download the file to your computer. The folder the file downloads to is dependent on your browser settings. The action also simultaneously locks the file on the CMS to prevent inadvertent modification of the file by other users on the system. 

Cancel Checkout  


This action can be used to cancel a “checkout and download” action. File returns to unlocked state. 



Use this action to upload a modified version of the checked-out file. Note that the action is enabled only on checkout and download of a file. 



Use this action to run StyleFinder, the AI engine, which analyzes the file’s hierarchy, determines the structure, and reports on inconsistencies. 

Generate XHTML  


Use this action to convert the .DOCX output of StyleFinder to XHTML for opening in PageMajik’s “Editor”. 

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