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Getting Started with EasyType

EasyType can be categorized into 3 elements or components:

1.    The power element → to accomplish the process and operate the automated system;

2.    The control element to actuate the instructions; and

3.    The program element to direct the process.

The power element in PageMajik is called “StyleCollection” – a mapping between inhouse styles and InDesign styles – which facilitates the automation process. In other words, each character and paragraph style prescribed by the publisher must be mapped to a corresponding character and paragraph style in InDesign. The StyleCollection can be maintained at the Site (Organization) level, Book/Journal Category level and at the Book/Journal level. EasyType will always start from the leaf level and traverse to the root to pick up the right StyleCollection to apply. Availability of the StyleCollection file is important for successful automation.

The main control element is the InDesign template for the book. Without a template, EasyType would not know where to place what. Apart from the template, there are other configurations that control the way the manuscript is to be typeset.

The program element is the EasyType engine. EasyType finds the right StyleCollection, picks up the template and automates the typesetting process.

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