Generate Proof


Once the chapter is typeset, a PDF can be generated for proofreading


Find below the instructions to generate the auto typeset document. 

  1. 1. Login to PageMajik. 

  1. 2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf. 

  1. 3. Select the book that you need to work and double click to go to Chapter View. 

  1. 4. Select the chapter and double click to go to tab view. Click the InDesign tab. Select the chapter .INDD file, click on the arrow to view the options. Select the “Generate Proof” option.  

  1. 5. A pop up to select the proof round will be prompted. Select the round and click “Proceed”. 

  1. 6. A PDF and its corresponding XHTML file will be generated and placed under “Review” tab. 

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