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  1.  How can I stop a reminder email from being sent for a chapter?

Step 1 - Go to the SmartSubmit interface of your manuscript (from your "Manuscript" page, single click and choose "SmartSubmit.") 
Step 2 - Click on "2" to access the schedule plan for the book.
Step 3 - Click on the 3 dots to the left of the Reminder email that needs to be cancelled to pull up the list of choices. Reminder emails can be cancelled for all or a selection of chapters. "Click on the "Apply" button at the top left corner for your changes to take effect. 

Points to Remember

  • Reminder email should be muted before the date on which it is due to be sent.
  • Reminder email will not be sent if submission has been received. 
  1. How do I change the dates in my schedule?

Step 1 - Click on "SmartSubmit" and go to the Schedule page (Step 2).

Step 2 - Select a chapter for which date has to be changed, and enter the new date in the line above the column head. If a chapter selection is not made, then the changed date will apply to all chapters.

Step 3 - Click on Apply for the change to take effect. Save and exit.  

Point to Remember

  • Date cannot be changed for completed stages in the schedule or if you have crossed the date on the schedule.
  1. I am unable to move past Step 3. The message I receive is that I should complete all previous steps. What am I missing?

It is most likely that you have not completed assigning the contract and all email templates for the project. Check if you have set up project-specific email templates for sending the following: Letter of Agreement, SmartSubmit Invitation, SmartSubmit Notification, and SmartSubmit Reminder, In case of the Letter of Agreement, the appropriate contract form has to be associated with the project.

  1. How do I know that an author has received and/or opened an email? 

Step 1 - Click on your Manuscript and access the "Submission Tracker" by selecting the "Report" option.
Step 2 - Click on "Author Status."
Step 3 - Scroll down to the bottom and locate the row with author's name. 
Step 4 - The column data will show the delivered, signed and actioned dates for the Contract and the Invitation to Submit. Circled numbers indicate how many times an action has been performed.

  1. Author has submitted manuscript as an email attachment. How do I submit it now?

Step 1 - Single click on the project name in your "Manuscript" page and then select option "Submission".
Step 2 - This will bring up a screen like the below.

Step 3 - You will note that every chapter has its own space. Drag and drop the manuscript file from your computer onto the appropriate chapter. Click on "SUBMIT" to confirm upload. 

Points to Remember
  • The Word file should have a .DOCX extension so in the event you received a .DOC file, open the same in Microsoft Word and "Save As" .DOCX before you upload here.
  • If this is a re-submission, you can still upload the file into the chapter so long as there is no red lock visible. If you see a red lock on a chapter, that means someone is working on the file and you cannot upload a new file until the lock is released.

Step 4 - Click on "EXIT" to exit the interface.

  1. Once the submission is complete, how do I move/assign the files to the Editor for Review?

Step 1 - Click on "Workflow" at the bottom of the "Manuscript" page.
Step 2 - You have now reached the "Workflow Tasks" page, which is divided into two sections: Tasks assigned to your role and tasks assigned to you.
Step 3 - Locate the chapters you wish to move for review and select these by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the filename.
Step 4 - Click on the yellow arrow to the right of the filename and then select the option "Assign to Me". This will move the files to your tasks queue. 
Step 5 - From the "Assigned to Me" queue, select the chapters you wish to reassign.
Step 6 - Click on the yellow arrow to the right of one of these files and then select the stage/role for the assignment. The files will be automatically moved to the tasks queue of that stage/role.

  1. How do I return a file to the author for an update?

Follow sequence of steps listed in point 4 above.

  1. How do I resend an email to an author?

Step 1 - Single click on the project/book name on the "Manuscript" page and choose the "Report" option.
Step 2 - This brings you to the dashboard. Click on the "Author Status" graph to display row-wise author info at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 - Click on the yellow arrow against the author name. This will show 3 options: "Contract", "View" and "Invite". 
Step 4 - Click on "Contract" to send the contract email again. Click on "Invite" if you wish to send the invitation email. Both these options will allow you to review and edit the email text if you wish to do so. Click on "Send Mail" to send the email.
Step 5 - To preview the email, click on "View".


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