PageMajik auto generates near perfect typeset document based on the template provided. EasyType runs on the InDesign server and process the incoming requests based on the capacity of the server. 



Find below the instructions to generate the auto typeset document. 

  1. 1. Login to PageMajik. 

  1. 2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf. 

  1. 3. Select the book that you need to work and double click to go to Chapter View. 

  1. 4. Select the chapter and double click to go to tab view. Click the manuscript tab. Select the chapter .XHTML file, click on the arrow to view the options. Select the “Generate InDesign” option.  

  1. 5. The chapter will be locked to prevent others from processing it. The file will be placed in the EasyType queue and from the time it is picked up from the queue and will generate the typeset document within 5 minutes.  

  1. 6. PageMajik generates the IDML alongwith INDD and place it under the InDesign tab of that chapter of the book. A notification would also be sent. 

  1. 7. Select the .INDD file and click the arrow for the options. Select the “Checkout & download” option. 

  1. 8. Save the file locally, open it in InDesign to review the auto-designed chapter for typesetting.  

  1. 9. Once completed, select the respective book, the respective chapter and the InDesign tab. Select the .IDML file and click “Checkin” option. PageMajik will open up a pop window for you to enter your comments and upload the typeset file. 

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