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DesignSync - How to Work with the Plug-in

  1. Once the plug-in has been installed, select the menu item “DesignSync” from “Extensions” sub-menu in Window menu of your InDesign application.

  1. The DesignSync panel will open and a login page will appear. Enter your login credentials (same as your PageMajik
    website credentials) and click on “Log In”.

  1. The Bookshelf page will appear with the list of books that you have access to. Click on a book that you would like to work with.

  1. As per role privilege and workflow stage, the InDesign files pertaining to the book will be listed. Select the file that you need to work on and click on “Sync Now” button (top panel).

  1. A progress bar will appear to indicate that the files are getting downloaded to your local machine.

  1. Once the download is complete, the status column will be updated with status “open” and the asset column will list the number of assets, if any (links, library, template, fonts, etc). Clicking on “Open” will open the document in InDesign. You can work on the document the same way you would work on any document in InDesign.

  1. When opening the InDesign document, InDesign would prompt you to update the links. Click "Update Modified Links" button to update all the links.

  1. If you would like to make a change to the existing image file(s) OR add any new image file(s), go to the folder of the file in your local by right-clicking on the file that you downloaded and select ‘Open Folder’ to go to the Links folder.

  1. After completion, save and close the document(s) including any associated/linked files like art files. To upload the updated file(s), click on the upload icon and the files that have been modified will be selected automatically. You can use this as is or select the files that you would like to uploaded and then click  on the ‘Upload’ button.

  1. The modified files will be uploaded and you will be brought back to the Bookshelf  automatically once the upload is complete.


Points to Remember:

  • Uploading/downloading are background tasks and the panel can be hidden, but should not closed during upload/download.
  • Only the InDesign and art files (excluding common art) should be updated using this plugin. It will not help with updating other assets such as fonts, template, and library files. These files must be updated using Chrome browser.
  • Currently it is not possible to cancel the check-out through this extension.
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