Manage Users

Create and Manage User

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1.    Login and select “Manage User” from the “Setup” option on the menu. Only users with an admin role will be able to access this menu.

2.    The following screen appears. Populate all necessary information (fields marked with a * are mandatory). Click on "Create" button when the information is filled in.

3.    The message “User created successfully” will show up on screen once the request is completed. Click on “Go Back” if you wish to add another user. Alternatively, you can exit this window by clicking on “x” at the right top corner of the pop-up screen.

4.    An email with the new user and password information will be automatically sent by the system to the new user.

5.    To deactivate an existing user account, enter the user's email address. Details of user will get populated. Click on "Deactivate" to disable the user's account.


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