Copyediting in MS Word

Find below the instructions to copyedit in MS Word. 

1. Login to PageMajik. 

2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf. 

3. Select the book that you need to work and double click to go to Chapter View. 

4. Select the chapter and double click to go to tab view. Click the manuscript tab. Select the chapter .DOCX file, click on the arrow to view the options. Select the Checkout & Download option. PageMajik will lock the chapter and download it for your editing.  

5. Save the file locally, open it in MS Word, carry on the copyediting. 

6. Once completed, select the respective book, the respective chapter and the manuscript tab. Select the .DOCX file and click “Checkin” option. PageMajik will open up a pop window for you to enter your comments and upload the copyedited file. 

7. After checking in, select the “Generate XHTML” option.  

8. The chapter will be locked to prevent others from processing it. This might take anywhere between 3 and 7 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can start with another chapter or do the copyediting for a different chapter or book. 

9. PageMajik generates the XHTML and place it under the manuscript tab of that chapter of the book. A notification would also be sent. 


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