When you sign in to PageMajik, your landing page is a screen displaying all the projects that you are a part of. In Editorial sites, this screen is called “Manuscript”, whereas in Production sites, this screen is called a “Bookshelf” or a “Journals” page. This page is designed in such a way that you can manage all your work from this screen, i.e., you will see:

  1. all the projects assigned to you
  2. your calendar (populated from the schedule for the workflow(s)/project(s) you are assigned to)
  3. your To-Do list (the list of tasks created by you or assigned to you)
  4. pending work with you and for your role
  5. dashboard/reports (for all and specific manuscripts you are working with).

Journal sites will have a sub-level “Article Types”. This page lists all the article types for a journal. Double-click on an Article Type to see its articles.

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