Use Cases

Author holds the Rights or has secured permission for re-use

Step 1: Go to file

Follow process steps 1 to 4 described in the Rights and Permissions Process section. Selection of the file displays the details on image information and notes, if any, as in the figure Rights and Permissions – 4. Selection of file results in it being locked for other users and prevents them from updating the file.

Step 2: Fill the details

In the image details pane, fill up the details. If the image/photo is author-owned, select the same for permission type. In case the author does not hold the rights but has shared the permission for reuse in the form of a document or email, select the respective permission type and upload the files using “Other release” upload option under Permissions tab.

Step 3: Enter notes (optional)

You may choose to enter notes for your future reference or for the production team / author or other members of the editorial team.

Step 4: Save or Complete
Click on “Save” to save and continue working. Click on “Complete” to save the changes and restore the file to an unlocked state.
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