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Art Analysis

Apart from all the art submitted/uploaded, PageMajik also extracts all the art/images/figures that are embedded in the manuscript document. Following is a list of features PageMajik supports to carry out the art analysis efficiently:

  • An inbuilt image-sharpening tool that improves the clarity of the image.
  • Ability to read the text in the images/art files.
  • Ability to classify medical and scientific images for indexing and effective searching. It embeds classification and other information within the art files.
  • Ability to track rights/permissions data – how many times the art has been used, how many times it can be used or for how long. Metadata can be embedded in the art file for easy verification.
  • Ability to store a file in the CMS as a configuration item, i.e., version controlled. Two versions of an art file can be compared and the ability to rollback at any point.
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