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Appendix E - Image Handling

How StyleFinder Identifies the Artwork

Let us take a sample manuscript (refer following screenshots) that includes a figure citation, a figure caption, an instruction to place an image, and the actual filename of the image.

Figure Citation with Caption:

An instruction to place an Image:



Actual Filename of the Image:

When StyleFinder is run on this manuscript, it will identify the figure citation, caption, instruction and actual filename, and will apply the paragraph, character and group styles accordingly.

Figure Citation with Caption:



Instruction to place an Image:




Actual Filename of the Image:

How to apply group style for figure citation
and caption in PageMajik's Editor:

Make sure to turn on the Group View so that the group style will be displayed in the editor.



Select the figure citation or reference and click on “Insert” à “Tag as citation” button.

The group style will be added automatically.



Select the figure caption and click on “Insert” à “Tag as caption” button.

The group style will be added automatically.



Creating Art Log

Before generating InDesign from the XHTML file, make sure that the art files have been uploaded in the Art tab and the required information has been filled in and saved. In our example, for the numbered figure (citation with caption), the number of the figure must be entered in FIGURE NO. column and the figure TYPE must be selected (in this case, it is Figure).

Similarly, for the instruction to place the photo, the number and type must be entered.

For the actual file name in the manuscript, just saving the art log will bring the art to InDesign when generating the InDesign from XHTML.


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