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Appendix A - Book Sequence and Combine PDF

How to generate InDesign files with continuous page numbering

Click on “All Files” button at the top right corner. 

This will bring you to the following screen. Go to the “BINDER” tab and then click on the “Sequence” button.

This brings up a list of chapters in the current publication. You can move files up or down and define the order in which the files should be sequenced by clicking on the icon before the serial number.

Change the page number type by clicking on the option under “Type” and select the appropriate page type, e.g., Roman for Frontmatter and Arabic for chapters.

Enter the start page number for Roman and Arabic page types under “User Defined PageNumber”.

Click on “Save” button to save the changes made.

After finalizing the sequence of chapters and page number type, defining start page number and saving the same, proceed to “Generate InDesign”. PageMajik paginates the InDesign file(s) using the saved information.

Important Notes:

  1. Do not trigger Generate InDesign simultaneously for multiple chapters. This is because the system will derive the start page number for the next chapter based on previous chapter and this gets impacted when multiple files are processed simultaneously. Once InDesign file for Chapter 1 is created, then the subsequent chapter can be processed.
  2. It is important to run Generate InDesign in sequence – for e.g., Frontmatter, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and so on.
  3. If for example, Chapter 1 has 12 pages when an InDesign file is created, Chapter 2 will begin on page 13. Let us say page count of Chapter 1 increases by 2 during further pagination, then this file should necessarily be checked in and Generate Proof should be run to get the page proofs. PageMajik will update the page count of Chapter 1 as 14 during this time. Note that this will not change the start page of the next chapter until Generate InDesign is run again for that chapter.
  4. The generated InDesign file will always start on a recto.
  5. To generate a combined pdf with continuous page numbers, InDesign files must first be created with continuous page numbering using the steps detailed above.

Combine PDF

Once the InDesign files have been finalized and the proofs of all chapters have been generated, go back to "Sequence" window and click "Combine PDF" which will simply combine the PDF in the order that you have defined your chapters and the combined PDF will be available in the Binder tab.

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