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Add Questions

After uploading your artifact(s) and toggling to the Question View, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

There are several options available to you in Question View.

Clicking on the first icon gives you access to your Question Library where you have the option of selecting a previously created question to use or edit.

The second icon  takes you to your Template Library. (You are also able to access your Template Library from the Projects Page.)

Note: If you revert to a template from the library after creating questions, the questions you created will be lost. (A warning message will ask you to confirm this action.)

You can add a new question by clicking on the  icon and selecting a question type from the menu.

When you add a new question you will see the words “Question Number” and a number in the box. This number is assigned to your question based on the order in which you created the question. The system will record and remember this number.

You can write or edit the question by clicking on the question title. You can edit the response items in the same fashion.


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