Add Project

As a first step, you need to login to PageMajik and create a new project. You can then upload your files, assign your team, and define your workflow.

  1. Login to PageMajik
  2. Your landing page will be the Bookshelf.
  3. Click on Book Form icon/menu.
  4. Fill in the basic details
    1. Book/Journal Category
    2. Book/Journal Name
    3. InDesign Version - defaults to CC (latest version)
  5. Upload files, Create Project Team, and Configure Workflow.
    1. Upload the manuscript (chapters/articles). You can upload all manuscript in one go, and each file will be treated as a separate chapter/article.

      Note: PageMajik also supports adding chapters after a book is created. To add the chapter later, double click the book to get into "Chapters" screen. Click on "Project Setup" from the menu, upload the manuscript files, and these will be added as new chapters in that book.

    2. Upload image/art files. You can upload images pertaining to a single chapter/article alongwith its manuscript.
      In cases where multiple chapters/articles are being uploaded, you have to upload the image files for each chapter/article as a separate step. To add the image later, double click on the book to get into "Chapters". Double click on the chapter to go into the "Tab View". Click on "Art" tab and then click on the upload files icon at the top right of the tab. Browse and select the image files from your computer to upload. Repeat this step for each chapter/article that has images. 
    3. Upload supporting files. You can upload supporting files for a single chapter/article alongwith its manuscript.  
    4. Assign workflows - this is pre-defined, and need not be changed for each project. The latest version of the workflow attached to your project is displayed here.
    5. Save form.
    6. Use the "Team" tab to assign users to the project team. Save form.
    7. Use the "InDesign" tab to upload all InDesign related files such as book-specific scripts, common art, fonts, templates etc. Save form and exit.
  6. The book with the title given will be added in the Bookshelf under its category.




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