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4. Add Assignments


  • This page lists the chapters on the left and the author group(s) on the right. 
  • If a .CSV file has been used for import earlier, the chapters are pre-assigned based on the .CSV.
  • Chapters that have already been assigned will have a green tick against them.
  • If you click on an author who is already assigned some chapter(s), the chapter(s) previously assigned to the author are displayed.
  • If multiple authors are assigned to a chapter, the main author is displayed on top and the co-authors are listed at the bottom. Click on each author group to view the chapters assigned to the group. Use the checkbox and arrow keys to assign/unassign chapters for the specific author group. 
  • To edit a section editor group or an author group, click on the editor/author group icon (next to the circled "i" legend icon) and make changes as required. You can remove editor/authors from the group, change the primary author of the group, etc. 
  • Once you have made the changes, click on “Save” and then on "Submit" for your changes to take effect.
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