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3. Add or Import Authors

This step allows you to add authors to the manuscript. The authors could be already registered or new authors. You can add authors by entering the details on the left of the screen and clicking on the “+” icon. Remember to uncheck "Include Contract" if the authors are not required to sign an LOA.  

You can also use a populated .CSV file format (discussed in Step 1) to import the information. Clicking on “Import using CSV” will bring a file open pop-up. On selecting the .CSV file, the details will be imported and shown as in the Import Authors Form.

A pop-up grid shows the status of the import. Errors in email address, for example, will be notified. You may choose to correct or choose to continue to import. The system will only add those authors whose status is “Ok”.
Ensure that the contract and invitation email template are available. System will prompt you to complete this step before continuing. Refer to Step 2 - Associate Templates for details.

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