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PhotoPalphotopal icon
PhotoPal helps edit and enhance images quickly!
PhotoPal is PageMajik’s inbuilt image processor. It allows you to compare different versions of the same image, sharpen out-of-focus photos, and edit text in images.
  • Machine learning technology is used to sharpen out-of-focus photos
  • Version control system for images
  • Ability to identify text in images, allowing its editing
  • Validates edits made across versions
  • Edits text in images without the intervention of specialist users or image software
MajikVaultmajikvault icon
Store and catalog all user files, including photos, audio, and video, which can then be searched and imported, and exported whenever necessary.
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DesignSyncdesignsync icon

DesignSync is an InDesign plug-in that allows the designer to download a version of the InDesign file from the CMS/DAM with all the linked assets. The InDesign file will remain locked and be synced to the version in the CMS/DAM, so that any edits made are reflected in the CMS.

It's a system where designers can feel at home.

RightsTrackerright tracker icon

All information pertaining to rights and permissions can be stored and tracked using PageMajik's permission log. The data fields that need to be filled in can be customized for each book or journal, and once filled in, the information is embedded in the corresponding image as well. Appropriate users will be notified when permissions are about to expire or when the limit is exceeded.

This way, you can give yourself permission to relax.

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SmartSubmitsmartsubmit icon

SmartSubmit is an easy-to-use interface that aims to enhance the experience of both people making submissions and the editors who review those submissions. An automatic and instantaneous check at the point of submission ensures that all the necessary elements are present, and prompts the author to add anything missing. Any required metadata is also extracted, and the editor  only receives complete submissions.

It's a submission system worthy of you.

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