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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

PageMajik was incubated in 2016 by a founding team with a collective experience of over 3,000 person years in the publishing, content and technology industries. Registered in the US, PageMajik has offices in Singapore, US and an advanced product engineering center in India.


In the three years since its inception, PageMajik has crossed the phase of market validation and is poised for an exciting growth phase, with plans to reach out to diverse audiences across industries. Its product suite is a mature platform, having earned the trust and appreciation of clients across the US and Europe.


Founder Director

Kris Srinaath is a very well-known sports person and entrepreneur with experience in founding and scaling content-driven technology companies. He is the most significant shareholder of PageMajik.



Ashok Giri has over 20 years of experience in providing innovative technology solutions to companies in the education, trade, and scholarly publishing markets, and technology and production services to publishers worldwide.



David has worked in the publishing and technology markets for over 25 years and has held management positions at Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Time Warner prior to forming his own company, PubCentral.

Together, they lead a talented team of people dedicated to bringing innovative technology and
methodologies to content creators worldwide. Their goal is to give their customers the technology and
tools to create content, free from the current constraints of a tradition-bound system.
Our Identity

The story goes that a magic hare lived on the moon. Every day, once his chores were done, he would sit with a magic pipe and blow out ideas. Many of these ideas were bright enough to the point of being luminous, so when they floated out into the skies, they turned into stars.

That’s the reason why, when it’s late in the night and we look up at the skies, we see millions of twinkling ideas, each a star in its own right. And when a shooting star flits across the sky, it’s a sure sign of another idea whose time has come.

We visualized our publishers and authors coming up with bright ideas, each on its way to achieving stardom.

In no time at all, a logo was born.

What do we stand for?
  • The complete democratization of content
  • A system that leverages the new sharing economy
  • A socially responsible system that allows the new breed of publisher to set their own price (including FREE if they choose to play in the OPEN SOURCE market)
  • A product suite with tools and resources for creating HVC content that truly connects with the end user
  • The principle that everyone can be a publisher or contribute to the invaluable work that society still needs publishers to offer

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

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