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Content Validation

Scope the market and target segment for product viability.

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Market Assessment

Uses meta-tagging automation to identify and compare the content, organization, format, and structure of competitive products in a market. Provides market data and author/contributor profiles.

BENEFITS: Pre-contract P&L development. Creation of Author Guidelines, Book Maps, Product Development plans, and Market Development strategies.

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Backlist Assessment

Uses meta-tagging automation to assess and categorize Backlist content and assets, making content discoverable.

BENEFITS: Facilitates quicker product revisions, adaptations, and new products derived from backlist content and assets.

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Proposal Review & Scorecard

Aggregates review feedback from target audience and/or Subject Matter Experts. Produces a Product Viability Scorecard to predict market potential for the product.

BENEFITS: Provides early market validation for new products. Yields market intelligence and audience sentiment that can be used to develop and promote the product.

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