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A New Workplace Ethic

An enduring myth we live by is that of the lone genius — the solitary individual (usually male) who is preternaturally disposed to frequent “eureka!” moments and who possesses great personal strength, and who is the main engine of change and progress. They cast long shadows too — whether it is promising physicists having to aspire to be a “ New Einstein ”,...
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The Machines are Coming

In her wildly popular  TED talk , “wrongologist” Kathryn Schulz asks her audience how it feels to be wrong. Obvious responses include “dreadful”, “thumbs down”, and “embarrassing”, but Shulz points out that these are answers to a slightly different question — how it feels to realize you’re wrong. Of course, realizing you’re wrong can be devastating, but just being wrong...
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Scorecards as a Method to Tackle Submission Overloads

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash I nformation is easy to think of all-at-once, as though it were a single fluid somewhere on the internet. But when we start thinking about its materiality, we are forced to consider how it is processed in discrete quantities through multiple nodes. For publishing specifically, a feature that is simultaneously obvious and...
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Sensitivity Readers and the C-Word

hen Young Adult author Laura Moriarty heard President Trump denounce Muslims en masse, she was appalled and wanted to do something. She decided to write an inspirational dystopian novel where a white teen protagonist would help resist the government’s forced internment of Muslim-Americans as a straight-forward, if somewhat heavy-handed, parable for our modern times. Little did she know...
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Solving Indexing, one step at a time

P ublishing is on the verge of exciting times. The promise of relatively new technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Natural Language Processing makes it incredibly tempting to speculate on the new world we’ll soon be living in, including questions about which processes can be automated and whose jobs will be taken over. (We have even done some of...
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