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The truly end-to-end platform for all your publishing needs.

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Future of publishing
PageMajik is a Content Service and Experience Platform designed for your specific publishing
requirements. Artificial Intelligence enabled modules within PageMajik address the growing need of
publishers to enrich and discover content.
Have complete control over your publishing
Publishing Lifecycle
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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.



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Content Validation

The first stage of the publishing process involves key activities around scoping the market, understanding and studying the competitive products that are in existence, and gathering relevant feedback from subject experts and potential target audiences, which is then used to produce a Product Viability Scorecard. PageMajik’s tools help you achieve all these objectives and more. So, even before you begin the publishing process, you understand the market viability and business potential of your product.

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Contract Management

Once the market is scoped and the potential for the product is realized, the next stage involves formalizing the contract and having it approved and signed by all relevant stakeholders involved in the publishing. PageMajik’s tools provide a tracker that can help the publisher follow the progress on the author and contributor agreements until the electronic signing takes place. The contracts thus signed are also easily accessible with just a click. In short, the entire contract management process is streamlined and the stage is set for the core publishing process to begin.


The content creation or authoring stage calls for the active involvement of both the author and publisher. While the author requires an efficient way to create and submit content, publishers need to manage the content creation and development process. PageMajik’s suite includes authoring tools that help both authors and project managers, and a content organizer and checklist for publishers. In addition, an open marketplace and a repository of resources and content are also made available to facilitate content creation.

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Content Development

Content can be deemed to be ready for publishing only if all manuscript elements are present, and the styling and formatting is complete. PageMajik’s AI tool makes this possible. It also brings into play various types of reviews from subject experts, peer groups and relevant target segments, all of which lead to a Scorecard that offers a clear picture of the potential of the content being published. A marketplace to access skillsets/resources or open source/proprietary content is also made available, which saves both time and money.

Content Production

The publishing process often involves multiple workflows with varying levels of complexity, with some of them functioning in sequence while others need to run in tandem. PageMajik’s workflow management system can design and handle such multiple workflows, thereby increasing the productivity of the content production process. This is further enhanced by a set of tools that helps maintain consistency of the manuscript, automates mundane tasks, and makes editing and indexing easier.

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Content Promotion

Promotion for content is crucial right from the pre-publication stage. Feedback from this stage also gives a clear picture for both the publisher and the author about the possible performance of their creation. With relevant insights, they could even course-correct before the content is out in the market. PageMajik facilitates all these and more, with a set of modules that offers previews of select portions of the content and gathers precious feedback from the target audience. It also helps create a buzz for the content in the market, thereby generating interest in the book/publication during its pre-launch period. Publishers can compare their latest product against the current trends in the marketplace and also use key insights received to modify their content suitably.

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CSP Intelligence Archive

While the publishing process helps create and share content, an intelligent process should also empower a publisher to reuse or repurpose the content either in whole or as individual elements. By leveraging this facility, publishers can target different sets of audiences using the same content archive. PageMajik allows you to do this with its graph database. In short, you can create content once, but can use it multiple times in parts or as a whole. Its modules facilitate efficient customization of content and its subsequent reuse in different forms.

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User Experience

User experience is key to gaining relevant feedback about the content and gauge its performance in the market. PageMajik helps you extract reviews both at the pre-publication and post-publication stages and offers you options for updating and improving your content. It also facilitates an author page that not only offers a selective preview of the content, but also has options to engage with the author. In addition, the audience can also rate and review content and engage with the page socially. 

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It’s truly end-to-end publishing

PageMajik takes you through the entire publishing lifecycle and supports you at various stages with its wide range of products and tools. From pre-contract validation to gauging user experience, from contract management to content monitoring, from audience assessment to proposal reviews, every stage of the process is taken care of.


Now, isn’t that truly end-to-end publishing?

Why choose PageMajik?
PageMajik is flexible and provides a web-based responsive experience that encompasses all aspects of your
workflow, providing automation and control to the various stakeholders in the process. It allows for rapid, yet
simplified publishing and the ability to publish in multiple formats. Choosing PageMajik offers you the future of
publishing today.
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PageMajik facilitates the controlled storage and retrieval of content at any given time. It offers multiple ways of categorizing and viewing data, thus making it easy to access and monitor it. Robust version control also removes redundancies and selection of the wrong version of any asset.

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PageMajik ensures that most routine tasks are taken care of through automation. Features like a built-in authoring function, a real-time checking option for authors and editors and the transformation of an unstructured manuscript into a near print-ready format result in approximately 40% savings in time.

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PageMajik is created for every member of the publishing value chain. Its ecosystem includes a guided authoring environment for authors, a customizable language rules engine for editors, automated pagination with no human input for designers and a near real-time proofing system for reviewers.

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PageMajik incorporates your workflow rules, so you can direct the way information is stored, handled and shared. Since the workflow can be customized to your needs, you do not have to change your publishing process. You also get total control over who gets access to what information.

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PageMajik’s modules keep you informed and in contact with current trends. Smart Dashboards and Voice Maps offer quantitative/qualitative feedback on your content. Data Mining tools facilitate predictions on market acceptance. PageMajik’s ScoreCard helps tackle multiple article submissions.

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Through the use of an AI Inference Engine coupled with statistical modelling and algorithms, PageMajik facilitates extraction of key terms from the content. Once generated, these keywords can be used to systematize, search, and retrieve resources, allowing for robust discoverability.

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