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User Experience

Promotes pre-publication awareness and post-publication audience engagement.

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Content Monitoring

A post-publication review designed to capture “user experience” feedback as they use the product. Similar in function to a YELP review. Produces a Scorecard.

BENEFITS: Promotes a higher level of customer engagement. Produces real-time feedback that can be used to revise or update content.

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Audience Builder

Auto-generates an Author Page, allowing target audience to view key information such as table of contents, sample chapter(s), author bios, and book description. Includes an option to Rate and Review the content and engage or collaborate with the author. Social sharing is enabled for each Author Page.

BENEFITS: Promotes pre-publication awareness and discoverability of a new title at the contract signing stage and subsequent stages of the publishing cycle. Aggregates audience feedback about the concept and content, ultimately improving content quality, utility, and market awareness.

Web-sisällön esitys Web-sisällön esitys

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