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Sensitivity Readers and the C-Word

  How social media outrage is changing how authors write diverse characters W hen Young Adult author Laura Moriarty heard President Trump denounce Muslims en masse, she was appalled and wanted to do something. She decided to write an inspirational dystopian novel where a white teen protagonist would help resist the government’s forced internment of Muslim-Americans as a...
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PageMajik Uses AI to Improve Efficiency

The rise of digital publishing and a reader’s demand for the most up-to-date content has forced publishers to greatly speed up their time to market. For a publishing process that has, until now, been reliant predominantly on manpower, that speed can only be increased so much. This means lost opportunities, an inability to compete in the marketplace, and a continued struggle to meet reader...
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Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Reclaiming Control

Ten years ago, with Amazon’s entrance into the E-reader market, publishers were forced to examine their centuries old way of doing business and look for dramatic ways to improve efficiency and keep up with a market they didn’t recognize anymore.  By creating ebooks and digital learning solutions, reaching readers through social media and other non-traditional methods, and making content...
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Let Machines Do the Big Data Heavy Lifting

The rise of technology has provided publishers with access, for the first-time, to detailed information about trends in the marketplace and the changing needs of their customers.  Being able to study and understand consumer interests as they happen is vitally important to publishers in order for them to continue to remain an essential player in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, as...
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