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1. Do I need expert help to get PageMajik working for me?
PageMajik is absolutely easy to use and requires no expert help in its day-to-day use. However, for your convenience, we will offer you expert assistance to ensure that PageMajik is up and running at your end. Our services to you on this front include creating user profiles and sharing credentials, and also assisting you with your first few projects, should you need it. In addition, PageMajik’s online Help function is always present as part of your system to offer you instant assistance, whenever you need it.
2. Do you have a ‘Try before you Buy’ program?
We will be delighted to provide you with a first-hand feel of PageMajik. All you need to do is provide us with sample files. Using this, we can set up a trial site for a restricted timeframe for you to explore the system’s functions and features.
3. Okay, I’ve chosen PageMajik. But how does it benefit me as a user?
If you are providing composition and project management services to a publisher, what is sure to interest you is PageMajik’s ability to:
- pour content into a template and provide galleys
- update changes made during review using an XHTML file back into the application file, and
- be a cost-effective solution for content management.
If you are a publisher, PageMajik can also offer you incredible value as a content repository and by offering you a bird’s eye view of all your publications. You can port your content into the system and have the flexibility of allowing your suppliers to work in the same space so that everyone is sharing one version of the content at all times.



1. How long does it take to finish the installation from the date of order acceptance?
PageMajik can be installed in your system almost immediately after your order has been processed. The actual installation time is just around six hours. This excludes the time taken to transfer your live projects to the system during the transition.
2. And how much time does it take to transfer these projects?
That depends on the number of projects you wish to move to PageMajik.
3. How many hours of training is required to operate PageMajik? Will training/support be provided by UI Tech?
PageMajik has been designed in such a way that it is easy to use and takes very little time to familiarize. To make your transition to PageMajik smooth and comfortable, we offer two to three formal training sessions to help you get the best out of this unique online publishing system. After you go live, you can reach out to our Help Desk for any real-time support or for any further assistance.



1. Do I need to invest in new computer hardware to get PageMajik running?
One of the striking features of PageMajik is its simplicity in design. While it is exhaustive and robust in its features, it does not require any additional hardware. PageMajik is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Server) and can be accessed using a web browser. What you need to have at your end are licenses for Adobe InDesign and MS Word (2010 or later) for performing file-related tasks.
2. Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of when ordering PageMajik? For instance, would you charge me an additional fee for customization with a new installation?
There are absolutely no hidden costs with PageMajik. Customization charges will depend on the nature and complexity of your request. Should you require such services, the costs for the same will be intimated to you on request.



1. What is the expected data availability and do I need to back-up data at regular intervals?
All your files will be saved on Amazon cloud, so you can be assured of 100% data integrity and backup at all times.
2. Do you have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan?
With PageMajik, you don’t need to have any concerns regarding lost files or data. PageMajik is hosted on AWS. So, in the case of an eventuality, you are assured of a secure data back-up and recovery system.
3. Does PageMajik meet critical security and compliance requirements?
Absolutely! PageMajik meets all the security protocols of data integrity.



1. Will PageMajik work both on Mac and PC?
Yes, PageMajik is ideally suited to work on both Mac and Windows environments.
2. What are the current known bugs in PageMajik?
We are proud to announce that PageMajik is currently bug-free.
3. Can PageMajik exchange data with other similar industry standard systems?
This is possible if the systems you are referring to provide an API (application program interface) call. A certain degree of customization can help facilitate exchange of information with PageMajik.



1. What version of Adobe InDesign do I need to use PageMajik?
You will need Adobe InDesign CS6 or later for PageMajik to run in your system. This is to enable you to make the best use of PageMajik’s functionalities to generate and update proofs. If you are using PageMajik to store InDesign files, any version of InDesign can be uploaded.
2. What versions of Microsoft Word is supported by PageMajik?
We recommend MS Word 2010 or later versions for PageMajik.
3. Which browser would you recommend as the ideal choice for PageMajik?
Google Chrome would be our first choice of browser for PageMajik.
4. How will an internal quality check verify the revised proof PDF of PageMajik’s WYCIWYG workflow?
PageMajik stores versions, and these are accessible to users. Your QC person can check PageMajik’s updated (revised) PDF against the (previous) XHTML version, with the ‘track changes’ feature. The two files can be opened in WYCIWYG and the tracked changes visible in the XHTML window can be checked against the PDF. Please note that a click on the PDF will not bring up the appropriate location in the XHTML as in this case the two files are not synchronized versions.



1. Will there be a problem if an XML workflow based on a specific DTD is being followed throughout?
Absolutely not. What’s more, the XML will be preserved.
2. Can XML files be uploaded as ‘Manuscript’ in case of an XML workflow?
Sure, XML files can be uploaded into the Manuscript folder. And if you have your own way of converting the XML into InDesign, your next step would be to upload the InDesign files into the ‘InDesign’ folder.
3. If we use an XML workflow, would edits made to the XHTML file update the background XML when the changes are taken into InDesign?
PageMajik will mimic InDesign’s behavior when changes are made to InDesign files and there is XML in the background. The content changes will automatically be reflected in the background XML.
4. If we work in an XML workflow, would changes to the XHTML be reflected in the background XML of InDesign?
No, the changes will not be reflected in the XML. This is also true of any style changes made to the InDesign file. These have to be manually updated in the XML behind InDesign.



1. If I notice any bugs during the engagement period, will UI Tech fix them? If yes, what will be the turnaround time?
You can be assured that we will be with you right through the initial months, as you transition from your current mode of operation onto PageMajik. For the first three months, we will provide 100% support, both online and on-call, for any bug or transition issues. For future upgrade availability, a Technical Information Letter will be sent to the designated contact person, as per our records.
2. What are the hours of Support at your helpdesk?
At UI Tech, we are available round the clock to address any of your support requirements. Our
24-hour support team can be accessed both by email and phone. The TAT (turnaround time) for any email concern is four hours.



1. Is PageMajik sold as a perpetual license or as a subscription license?
You can choose to invest in PageMajik either as a perpetual license-based model or on a subscription model, depending on your need.
2. Can you demonstrate successful similar deployments of PageMajik?
Our client list includes names like KLI and Springer who have used PageMajik to their advantage. We can provide case studies of such successful implementation based on request.
3. Do you offer multi-tenancy?
We should be in a position to offer multi-tenancy very shortly. Our Server/Online version is currently in Beta testing stage.



1. You talk of PageMajik being future-proofed? Can you explain?
Of late, the publishing industry has been witnessing a ‘digital divide’. And to make sure that we - and you - are on the right side of it, we have already begun addressing this issue with PageMajik. For starters, we have incorporated greater automation of processes to reduce human intervention and error percentage.
2. How much time would it take to change my tagging structure for my files to work within PageMajik?
Zero, because you do not need to do this at all! PageMajik can be customized to accept your files and you can continue to use the identifiers that you are familiar with.