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EasyType is an automated typesetting tool that creates near-perfect InDesign pages from Word manuscripts without any human intervention.
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EasyType automatically transforms Word content to design layout, drastically reducing typesetting time!
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Once a manuscript is tagged and structured by StyleFinder, EasyType automatically typesets the document using pre-made, customizable InDesign templates. All you need is a well-defined InDesign template detailing the elements in the layout.


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Efficient use of InDesign features such as libraries, master pages, object styles, anchored objects, text wrap, conditional text, and footnote/endnote options make sure that the automated output very closely resembles those made manually by humans.
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Once an InDesign file is created, a production designer has to review the file and make minor design adjustments for aesthetic purposes.
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EasyType reduces to a great extent the time spent on manually styling various elements on a page and instead allows the designer to focus on aesthetics and refined page makeup.
What EasyType does for you?
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Significantly simplifies and speeds up typesetting, a task that would otherwise take days to complete.
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Automates repetitive tasks and allows designers to focus on higher level creative decisions

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Reduces manual import and styling of various elements by the designer
Want to find out how to set your manuscript to the perfect design?
What EasyType allows you to do?
Works with InDesign  
 Efficient use of InDesign features such as libraries, anchored objects, conditional text, enhances the quality of output
Quickly assembles all page elements into an InDesign layout (template)
Design elements such as boxes and sidebars are appropriately styled