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CSP Intelligence Archive

Repurpose existing content; or compare it with what’s trending.

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Content Repurposing

This module helps you repurpose existing content and create multiple products like books, reports, articles, etc. through a process that saves you both time and money. The output is consistently of a high quality and offers increased business potential.

BENEFITS: Increases your publishing efficiency as content created once can be repurposed many times over, and as different products.Your content archive can be maintained as interlinked data that are easily and conveniently retrievable using Graph Database.

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Data Inference Protocol

Powered by AI and using RDF as a specification for formatting metadata, this module helps in analyzing the text and sorting the content based on concepts, topics or keywords. The metadata extracted is linked to a graph database which is powering the CMS. The DI module helps identify and extract relevant content based on its linkage with the graph.

BENEFITS: Facilitates Gap Analysis and Comparative Analysis, so you can search for what is trending in the market and compare it with the content you have created, either by chapter or by topic.

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