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Contract Management

Customizes and tracks author and contributor contracts.

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Contract Manager

Customizes and tracks author and contributor agreements. Facilitates electronic signing and meta-tagging of key information in each agreement. Automatically updates key project data associated with the author and contracted assignment.

BENEFITS: Provides visibility and one-click access to contracts/agreements associated with a specific project, mitigating content development and production delays. Greatly reduces administrative hours currently required to manage this process.

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Author Information Tool

A project-specific web portal for authors that provides a Welcome Message from the Publisher, Editorial Guidelines, Project-specific instructions and Workflow, access to the publishing contract/agreement, and data fields to capture key information from the author/contributor including their biographies and key words/phrases associated with their expertise.

BENEFITS: Streamlines the content creation and development process. Captures author data that can be used to create early awareness of the project with the target market. Eliminates what is currently a human-driven communication process, thus reducing administration costs. Tags and stores critical author data in one place, providing one-click access to various role players in the organization (e.g., Editorial, Production, Design, Marketing, Sales).

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Audience Builder

Auto-generates an Author Page, allowing target audience to view key information such as table of contents, sample chapter(s), author bios, and book description. Includes an option to Rate and Review the content and engage or collaborate with the author. Social sharing is enabled for each Author Page.

BENEFITS: Promotes pre-publication awareness and discoverability of a new title at the contract signing stage and subsequent stages of the publishing cycle. Aggregates audience feedback about the concept and content, ultimately improving content quality, utility, and market awareness.

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