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Content Promotion

Creating awareness and improving sales potential for content in the marketplace.

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Audience Builder

Auto-generates an Author Page, allowing target audience to view key information such as table of contents, sample chapter(s), author bios, and book description. Includes an option to Rate and Review the content and engage or collaborate with the author. Social sharing is enabled for each Author Page.

BENEFITS: Promotes pre-publication awareness and discoverability of a new title at the contract signing stage and subsequent stages of the publishing cycle. Aggregates audience feedback about the concept and content, ultimately improving content quality, utility, and market awareness.

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Pre Pub Review

A pre-publication content review designed to gather quotes, endorsements, and create market buzz with consumers/users in the target market. Includes a social sharing application. Produces a product Scorecard.

BENEFITS: Creates additional market awareness and generates social proof within target audience.

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Ingested content is clustered using an AI inference engine coupled with statistical modelling and algorithms. The inference engine extracts keywords using an unsupervised model. The system recognizes disjointed, diversified keywords for coverage and consumer-focused keywords that would matter to the audience. Keywords are then codified to categorize the book/article under subject code(s).

BENEFITS: Increased sales by comparing what is on the publisher's shelf against what is trending in the industry, provisioning key information for the website.

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An intuitive interface allows the publisher/editor to review the extracted key terms in context and make changes that they deem necessary. With the use of KeyFinder, it is possible to generate the key terms at an early stage in the publishing process.

BENEFITS: Discoverability and promotion. Also gives publishers access to content insights to make informed decisions at any stage in the publishing process.

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ExpertBase Plus

An organized community and open marketplace for role players in the publishing ecosystem. Those seeking production or publishing assistance can align their needs with the skills/expertise of others and even commission them to participate in one or more parts of the workflow. Also facilitates identification of vetted subject matter experts to review, contribute, or collaborate on a project.

BENEFITS: Leverages the sharing economy. Reduces costs. Improves workflow efficiencies.

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Content Marketplace

A commercial repository of open source and proprietary content that can be licensed for use and/or adaptation in other publications and products. On the one hand, it is like a Home Depot for myriad types of content, objects, and assets from which to build new kinds of content. On the other hand, it is a place where existing content can be monetized (or shared openly).

BENEFITS: Leverages the sharing economy. Expedites content development timelines by using or adapting content that may already be available.

Web Content Display Web Content Display

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