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Content Production
Cutting-edge tools and a built-in workflow management system for efficient content production.
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Workflow Management System

A built-in Workflow Management System (WMS), whose underlying workflow engine is based on the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation by Object Management Group) 2.0 standard. This allows designing of complex, yet flexible, linear and parallel workflows to derive maximum efficiencies in each project. Create as many workflows as needed to support art analysis, book cover design process, and index review.

BENEFITS: Increased productivity and process efficiency. Improved team communication and collaboration.

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ExpertBase Plus

An organized community and open marketplace for role players in the publishing ecosystem. Those seeking production or publishing assistance can align their needs with the skills/expertise of others and even commission them to participate in one or more parts of the workflow. Also facilitates identification of vetted subject matter experts to review, contribute, or collaborate on a project.

BENEFITS: Leverages the sharing economy. Reduces costs. Improves workflow efficiencies.

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Analyzes content against the publisher's style preferences, flags inconsistencies, recommends changes for consistency and non-compliance with style guidelines, grammar errors, context-based errors, abbreviations, and improper word usages. References can be checked against major databases such as Crossref and PubMed and can be output to reference formats such as the MLA and the APA. 
BENEFITS: Time savings. Improved process efficiency.
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Automates monotonous, repetitive tasks, letting designers focus on higher level creative decisions. In the case of designs requiring creative paging that would preclude the use of a single standardized template, EasyType can automatically place all the required elements in discrete pages. Placement of images proximal to related content, their orientation, and column span are automatically determined. 
BENEFITS: Time savings. Improved process efficiency. 
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"What You Change Is What You Get.” Users are provided with a two-pane view: one that displays the PDF to be reviewed and the other, a linked and editable XHTML version of the same PDF. The change can be made in the XHTML, and is tracked by default. Queries can be included as comments using the built-in "Comments" feature of the editor. Once the review is complete, the edited XHTML file is uploaded to PageMajik, and at the push of a button, all changes in the reviewed XHTML are automatically incorporated into the InDesign application file.  
BENEFITS: Eliminates the need to mark up changes on paper or as comments on PDFs and the subsequent steps of manual incorporation into InDesign. Improved accuracy of content.
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Automatically inserts the page locators for the embedded index entries in the InDesign file and generates the index. Publisher's style requirements such as conflation of page numbers, alphabetizing, run-in or indented style are automatically incorporated. The main focus of Indexis is to allow the indexer sufficient time to prepare a comprehensive index, without impacting the overall production schedule. This is achieved by enabling the indexer to start the indexing process soon after the copyedit phase without having to wait till the final proof is ready.  
BENEFITS: The interactive interface improves the productivity of the indexer without having to manually mark the index terms, note them down or assemble/group the terms before finalizing the index.
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