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Content Development

Rendering content production-ready after reviews by audience, experts and peer groups.

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Virtual DE

An optional workflow whereby the PageMajik technology runs a multi-point check of submitted content to ensure that all manuscript elements are present, formatted/styled properly, and ready for production. (Can be used with MARKET ASSESSMENT, BOOK MAP, and WORDSWORD modules.) Various types of content reviews can be automated at this point as part of the workflow, producing a Scorecard and qualitative feedback from reviewers.

BENEFITS: Reduces human handling by up to 80%. Provides a quality and utility measurement of the content prior to moving into production; helps authors make necessary revisions to content. Improves market acceptance potential of the content.

audience review
Audience Validation Review

A type of content review designed to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from consumers/users in the target market. Produces a product Scorecard.

BENEFITS: Creates additional market awareness. Increased content quality and utility.

Expert review
Subject Matter Expert Review

A content review to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from domain and subject matter experts. Produces a product Scorecard.

BENEFITS: Reduces factual and conceptual errors. Increased content quality and utility.

Peer review
Peer Review

A specific content review module for journal articles producing quantitative and qualitative feedback. Produces an article Scorecard.

BENEFITS: Increased content quality, utility, and relevance.

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ExpertBase Plus

An organized community and open marketplace for role players in the publishing ecosystem. Those seeking production or publishing assistance can align their needs with the skills/expertise of others and even commission them to participate in one or more parts of the workflow. Also facilitates identification of vetted subject matter experts to review, contribute, or collaborate on a project.

BENEFITS: Leverages the sharing economy. Reduces costs. Improves workflow efficiencies.

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Content Marketplace

A commercial repository of open source and proprietary content that can be licensed for use and/or adaptation in other publications and products. On the one hand, it is like a Home Depot for myriad types of content, objects, and assets from which to build new kinds of content. On the other hand, it is a place where existing content can be monetized (or shared openly).

BENEFITS: Leverages the sharing economy. Expedites content development timelines by using or adapting content that may already be available.

Web Content Display Web Content Display

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