PageMajik is a publishing system that integrates content management solutions with expert tools in Word and InDesign. It facilitates authoring, copyediting, styling, digital asset management, composition and e-proofing for both print and online delivery.
Product suite
“PageMajik “PageMajik
“PageMajik “PageMajik

PageMajik offers a number of advantages with tools that
improve your workflow — right from authoring to publishing:


An intuitive, user friendly interface
that is easy to set up. easy to follow,
and most importantly — easy to use


Enables easy collaboration as members working on different stages of the publishing process will have access to all documents, updates and uploads
Streamlined process that ensures
faster turnaround to print
Guaranteed accuracy in transfer of
changes during revisions
What is
If you are agonizing over formatting challenges or you find manuscript submission instructions distracting, we have the perfect solution for you!
WordSword is an intuitive MS Word Add-In that can help you create a smart manuscript. A customized template drives the intelligent Styles menu of WordSword to enforce style requirements in the background.
From auto-numbering of sections, citations and figures to identifying orphaned citations, WordSword can handle it all.
Let us go through a typical scenario wherein you delete a figure. WordSword automatically renumbers subsequent figures and their corresponding citations, in addition to highlighting the citation of the deleted figure for further action.
Another scenario could be that you suddenly need to switch the order of your chapters within the book. Now the cross references within the chapter need to take the new chapter number — WordSword does this automatically the minute you change the chapter number!
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What is
You may have often wished that content is provided in a consistently structured format so that it lends itself to conversion. Given the variations in inputs, we devise our own workflows but we still end up with workarounds to handle that dreaded file which does not fit the model.
StyleFinder addresses all these pain points in a simple way. It is an add-in for Microsoft Word that analyzes the structure of any Word document and groups its elements based on its properties. Its inbuilt tree-view display is easy to manage, and helps users to markup the content in an efficient manner. Styling a Word file is almost as simple as renaming files in Windows Explorer!
Once the document is structured, StyleFinder can convert it to an InDesign-compatible format at the touch of a button. The resultant file is complete in all aspects, including links to external objects and corresponding placement cues.
As an added bonus, StyleFinder can also provide you with a list of unique elements in a Word document or a set of Word documents.
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What is
ezType is to InDesign as StyleFinder is to Word…
If you are spending a lot of time making your page look aesthetically perfect, ezType can come to your rescue.
ezType increases your typesetting efficiency by automating several tedious formatting and layout tasks. It takes the InDesign-ready output of StyleFinder and handles all the routine tasks that need to be performed in the file. ezType also assists by importing external objects such as images (including margin elements or icons) and feature boxes and placing these at an appropriate location that is consistent with the design for the publication.
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What is
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to revise your content without any worry of introduced errors?
What if we told you this is possible if you used WYCIWYG? You can forget the inaccuracies during the transfer of changes as WYCIWYG takes care of it all.
For every proof that you review and revise, we will provide you with a Word and PDF version of the proof. Using our WYCIWYG interface, you can review the PDF and make changes, if any, to the interlinked and editable Word file. On completing your review you can submit the file to PageMajik and receive within a few minutes a revised proof with your changes incorporated.
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Claire Chouzenoux, CSG Coordinator, International Group,
Legal & Regulatory, Wolters Kluwer

We have been working with S4 and using DazzlePub platform since October 2015.

We first did a Pilot with one of our manuals, which was successfully completed in March 2016.

We then decided to ramp-up to 12 other manuals. The complete sets of files were efficiently uploaded in the system, and close to 500 users accounts were swiftly created.

The feedback received from the General Editors when presented DazzlePub is largely positive as they see it as a modernized publication process.

Contributors have been able to use the platform to deliver their updates. In the few instances where some of them had technical questions, S4 has replied immediately and provided efficient solutions.
As a Publisher, we appreciate:
  • — Permanent, immediate access given to all Contributors to the latest version of the Word files and strongly reduced risk of files versioning issues;
  • — No more risk of human errors when handling proof corrections - no more (handwritten) marked-up PDF’s. We also appreciate that using the WYCIWYG application for the proof review is not mandatory, as certain Contributors prefer not to use it;
  • — Capacity to easily track the status of each chapter (checked-out for update, update delivered, proof available for review, etc);
  • — Reduced composition turn-around times and fastened time-to-market.                   

            To conclude, we are so far very satisfied with DazzlePub as well as with the overall work experience with S4 (project-management and composition).
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