A Publishing Workflow Management System that takes care of your publishing needs,
and gives you complete control at every step.




Whether you are a publisher, a designer, or an author, PageMajik has something for you.


PageMajik is a revolutionary Publishing Workflow Productivity tool that lassoes together all the individual steps of the publishing process and stitches them into a seamless product suite to make your life easier.


It is a great way to bring together your author, your designer, your proofreader and your editor – even if they were sitting miles apart of one another – and effortlessly integrate their contributions into a book of the finest quality, at the press of a button.


PageMajik has been uniquely designed with an in-built Content Management System that facilitates storage, retrieval and reuse of data at any given time. The CMS has been customized to suit publishing workflows, with version control features and user access control.

For Publishers
  • One place where all assets (content, images, metadata) are maintained and are easily accessible
  • A bird’s eye view of progress – real-time
  • Zero concerns regarding use of correct version of files
  • As much as 30–50% reduction in time and cost savings is not unheard of
  • Easy to deploy, transition, and onboard users
For Designers
  • All handovers are managed within the system
  • Automated identification of document structure
  • Automated page flow into InDesign
  • Simultaneous output to multiple formats
  • WYCIWYG workflow can be used for quality check
  • Workflow-driven, sans redundant tasks.
For Your Author
  • A simple, pre-defined template to write into
  • Formatting tasks are taken care of by the system
  • Validation of supplied images against Publisher’s guidelines
  • WYCIWYG editor to review and comment on proofs